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Monthly Retainer

EMA works on a fixed monthly retainer with most of its clients. The amount of an association's monthly retainer varies depending on the amount of work the association requires. An hourly rate can be established for special projects which would depend on the skill level and time required.

The fee includes all adequate office space and sufficient support to conduct the business of the association. EMA provides, in addition to its own office, all personnel, vehicles, equipment and facilities needed to perform such services and same are subject to its exclusive control. Fees cover all employee compensation, insurance, taxes and benefits.

Reimbursable Expenses

EMA invoices, on a monthly basis, all reimbursable expenses incurred by EMA in performing the duties under its contract. Invoices are due and payable within fifteen (15) days of invoice date. Examples of these variable support fees include; parking, mileage, airfare to out-of-town meetings, meeting supplies, mailings, printing, telephone, postage, etc.

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