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EMA provides a full range of communications services to our clients. EMA has the tools and services to facilitate communications between members, the executive board and indeed the outside world.

EMA has in-house graphic design and desktop publishing capabilities and oversees the design, layout, production coordination and circulation management of directories, brochures, newsletters, press releases, magazines, journals and other publications for associations and societies. EMA has extensive experience working with editors and mailing houses to facilitate mailing of newsletters, meeting notices and seminar brochures. EMA collects data, writes articles, sells advertising space, and proofreads copy.

EMA also provides internet services to its clients designing and maintaining Websites for a wide variety of associations and organizations. We have also written and developed on-line documentation and help systems for software programs. We understand the meaning of "user friendly" and work to maintain the balance between graphic design and speed and usability. EMA has extensive experience working with committees to collect information needed to develop and maintain dynamic sites.

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